Alpha & Omega

“Between the alpha and the omega is contained all things, all experiences of this cosmos, including all that one has experienced in their evolution within this cosmos. These mastery sequences will purge and re-define your experiences to reflect the light and love of the Creator. All less than light experiences will be completely rewritten to reflect this new reality in order to propel one forward in their evolution into the light for higher enlightenment and service.”  Archangel Metatron & Lord Melchizedek


Archangel Gabriel

“Let me assist you in great love and bravery to conquer all that has been placed in your path to master. Let me be the torch to shine on the solutions when you need them the most. Let me be your friend and your loving guide to share your victories with, for I AM Archangel Gabriel and in this session, I pass on my blessings, knowledge and assistance to you in service to the light all mighty.”  Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Michael

“Let me show you what freedom really is. Experience the freedom of your soul and mastery that is beyond the confines of this world and reality so that you can reclaim who you truly are and shine that truth onto this world as a divine beacon of GOD. This is my gift to you.”  Archangel Michael


Archangel Raphael

“Feel the emerald green ray that I am emanating to you now. Feel the love and healing I have for you. Feel my heart with yours as we transcend time and illusion to assist you in receiving great healing, cleansing and purification of the mind, body and soul. Feel you soul illuminate with the perfection that is GOD, placing you in great peace, balance and harmony. This is my gift to you my loved ones.”  Archangel Raphael


Archangel Sandalphon

“Feel my heart and my hands as I place them on your shoulders. I AM Love, I AM Love Divine and through my love I gift you in health, balance and peace. I will connect you to the nature realms of love and light to assist you in great healing and in great revelation of the truth as it pierces through the illusion. This is my gift to you.”  Archangel Sandalphon


Archangel Uriel

“Feel my wings around you bringing love and comfort to your frazzled nerves. The world you live in is full of hustle and bustle and one needs to take time to rest, reflect and to heal from the traverses of this world. Let me comfort you, fill you with tranquility and peace, and open your heart to pure love and compassion that is the true “you”. This is my gift to you.”– Archangel Uriel


Archangel Zadkiel

“Knowledge is the key to growth, the staple that propels us forward in knowing self, GOD and the mastery of those things. True mastery is applying the wisdom from the heart to all that you see, do and experience. When one’s being can come from this place of mastery within the heart, your world and how you experience it will change. You will be happy, loving, caring and you will live your life effortlessly, the way the Creator intended it. This is my gift to you.”  Archangel Zadkiel


Central Sun

“We are the Councils of the Central Sun bidding you a warm welcome of love and light. We have prepared these activations for you to assist those who are ready to anchor the higher vibrations of the central sun on your planet to assist you, Gaia and others in your ascension process. Like the initiates in the ancient days of Egypt, you will be a channel of this high vibration cosmic love and light that will help to shift this planet into the 1000 years of peace and the next Golden Age of Enlightenment. We congratulate you on your choice to shine!” The Central Sun Councils of Light


Christos Activation

Lord Maitreya: “Dear ones, it is time to reclaim your birthright of great mastery in these changing times. It‘s time to reclaim and remember the God that you are. You are not a creation of mere circumstances but have a more important role as a co-creator of your life and as a co-creator in the grand divine plan. Choose now to reclaim your power, your gifts, your solitude with spirit and unlock the power that lies within you. Reclaim the Christ empowerment that is your birthright that was lost and forgotten though the eons of time. It is time to remember that you are Christ, you are the Christos energy, you are love, you are the divine!”

The Christos Mastery series is a spiritual dispensation to assist one in activating the “Christ” within and embracing and exuding those Christ-like qualities. The attributes listed below are actually multi-dimensional mastery symbols that fit layer upon layer in one’s energetic fields, forming an intricate energetic pattern that activates layer upon layer of frequencies and energy patterns of Christos Mastery for this Universe and beyond.

  • Purity
  • Virtue
  • Freedom
  • Clarity of Mind, Heart and Soul
  • Serenity
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Solitude
  • Peace
  • Innocence
  • Joy
  • Compassion
  • Devotion
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Power
  • Passion
  • Wisdom
  • Truth
  • Trust


Divine Father/Mother

“Blessed ones we are here to teach you about mastery of self, mastery of spirit and mastery of love. Within these activations contains great gifts that will awaken your divinity, awaken your power, your gifts and talents so that you are better able to serve for the higher good of this world and others in this universe. Many of you who will be drawn to these activations have contracted to receive these prior to coming into form, awaiting the time for us to make available the next level that is needed for your evolution and planetary ascension. That time is now dear ones. Accept these activations with the highest love that these are transmitted, allow them to lift you soul, lift your spirit and lift your vibration to the levels and realms of the blessed masters of love & light.”  The Divine Father and Mother



“Ahh, forgiveness. It is easier said then done, is it not? Sometimes forgiveness is hard because we are more angry at ourselves for allowing the situation to happen then we are angry at the transgressors. Forgiveness will set you free. You have heard this mantra before and what is revealed in these words is the truth that in forgiveness of self and others you set your self free of karma, you set yourself free of hatred, anger and fear, you set yourself free of separation and come into the understanding that we are all one. If we hurt ourselves we are hurting others and vice versa. Forgiveness is the key to ascension and miracles. In accepting these activations you heal and release all programs that bind you to another, to a situation, another place, world, time, space and dimension where your true essence is trapped in hate, anger or fear. You will be released, healed and integrated into your present self and all past transgressions will be forgiven and karmically balanced.”  The Goddess and Cosmic Mother of All of Creation


Holy Spirit Shekinah

The following mastery profiles are a special spiritual dispensation given to us by the Holy Spirit Shekinah. These powerful, yet very gentle and loving energies, cleanse and purifies one’s being and permanently infuses one with the divine attributes of trust, faith, spiritual focus, charity, compassion and devotion. The Holy Spirit Shekinah lovingly anchors transmutation grids into your energetic fields and bodies that are designed to transmute emotional negativity so that you can live in this emotionally challenging world but be attuned to the higher spiritual frequencies that are aligned with ascension.

“I AM the HOLY SPIIRT SHEKINAH. I have gifts for you from the Divine Creator that will heal you, infuse you with divine qualities and empower your divinity with the Creator of all Creators. Soar with me into the heavens and brings these gifts down here to earth where they are most needed. Let me be your shepherd, your guide into the heavens of all heavens where all is possible, where all can be healed, where all is loved. Let me fill your being with love, peace and serenity for my heart is the home of the divine, the blessed Creator of all Creators. Let me bathe you with cleansing healing waters of the divine to assist you in a miracle healing. Ask and you shall be answered. Ask and you shall be received. Ask and you shall be healed. That is my promise from my heart to yours.”  – The Holy Spirit Shekinah

  • Holy Spirit Cleansing and Purification
  • Holy Spirit Trust Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of trust into your energetic systems)
  • Holy Spirit Faith Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of faith into your energetic systems)
  • Holy Spirit Focus Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of focus on your mastery path into your energetic systems)
  • Activating Your Emissary of Light Within (permanently enhances your light quotient)
  • Activating Your Emissary of Love Within (permanently enhances your love quotient)
  • Holy Spirit Charity Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of charity into your energetic systems)
  • Anchoring of the Rainbow Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and less-than-love energies from your energetic systems)
  • Anchoring of the Golden Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and less-than-love energies from your heart)
  • Anchoring of the Platinum Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and less-than-love energies from your minds and brains)
  • Anchoring of the Violet Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and less-than-love energies from your cellular memory)
  • Holy Spirit Devotion to God Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of devotion to God into your energetic systems)
  • Holy Spirit Flow of Creation Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of being in the flow of creation into your energetic systems)
  • Holy Spirit Transcending Boundaries of Time Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of transcending the boundaries of time which is an illusion into your energetic systems)
  • Holy Spirit Over-Soul Purification (cleanses and purifies at the over-soul level)
  • Holy Spirit Monad Purification (cleanses and purifies at the monadic level)
  • Enlightenment Activation for Mastery
  • Universal Wisdom Download
  • Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Profiles
  • Holy Spirit Oneness Activation


Melchizedek Robes of Mastery

The following Robes of Mastery are magnificent spectrums of brilliant colored rays that are permanently placed in one’s energetic fields to provide protection, enlightenment, empowerment and wisdom for mastery and ascension. Each robe represents a level of mastery that in the past, took months and sometimes years for an initiate to earn. In this special dispensation from Lord Melchizedek, he will empower you with all 20 initiatory levels to propel you forward in a grand leap in your ascension process.

“In your hearts and minds there is a faint glimmer from the past of times you have trained in my mystery schools and learned of the ways of ascension and mastery through my channeled teachings. All who are drawn to these robes have worked with me before and it is time to remember and bring that knowledge forth for the new dawn of your ascension in this current life. It is my honor to offer you the sacred robes of initiation as consecrated by the Creator to help you clear all that holds you back from your mastery and to reclaim the power of your spirit to be the magnificence that you truly are.” Lord Melchizedek, Universal Logos

  • Yellow Robe – Initiation into Wisdom
  • Red Robe – Initiation into Passion and Devotion to God
  • Royal Blue Robe – Initiation for Higher Wisdom
  • Magenta Robe – Initiation for Higher Love
  • Violet Robe – Initiation for Higher Protection
  • Indigo Robe – Initiation to Access Sacred Texts and Wisdom of the Ages
  • Turquoise Robe – Initiation to Bring Higher Spiritual Concepts into Physical Reality
  • Gold Robe – Initiation for Non-Interference
  • Platinum Robe with Crown – Initiation to Purify Thoughts
  • White with Rainbow Iridescence Robe with Crown – Initiation into Universal Frequencies of Mastery
  • Pink Golden Robe – Initiation for Purity of Heart, Mind and Soul
  • Yellow with White Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Alignment with Universal Wisdom
  • Green with Blue Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Self
  • Magenta with Indigo Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Omniscience
  • Lime Green with Yellow Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Heart
  • Orange with Gold Flecks Robe – Attunement to Experience Higher Vibrations of Love
  • Sea Blue/Green with Silver Iridescence Robe – Initiation to Balance Mind and Heart
  • Magenta with Orange Iridescence Robe – Initiation to align heart and mind with GOD
  • Platinum, Silver and Gold Robe with Crown – Initiation for Universal Mastery and Service Work
  • Rose Platinum Robe with Crown – Initiation into Universal Mastery of the Heart


Omniverse Emissaries of Love

“Let us introduce ourselves, we are the Omniverse Councils of Love. We are under the service and direction of the Creator to offer support, healing and knowledge that propel nations and worlds in their evolution to enlightenment and spiritual growth. We have been watching and studying your planet for some time waiting for the opportunity to assist, waiting for the horn to sound signaling your readiness for advancement. The horn has sounded and we are here in love, light and in service to you and this world. The profiles we offer below will provide great leaps in mastery in the joining of the heart and mind and the activation of great psychic gifts. We will expand your ability to tune in to higher spiritual knowledge, referred to your initiates of the past as the nectar or ambrosia of the Gods, and to bring those concepts here for the higher learning and expansion of all. We also understand the density of emotions on this planet and the great need for advanced shielding by those who are sensitive to this. We are happy to assist you in this endeavor so that you can remain in your strength and power and not be depleted by the lower denser vibrations that are native to this planet and part of its transcendence and evolution into the light. We are honored to be of service!” Blessings in love and light, The Omniverse Councils of Light  

  • Mastery of the Third Eyes
  • Mastery of the Crowns
  • Mastery of the Christos Hearts
  • Mastery of the Christos Ears
  • Gifts of Mastery (activates the gifts and talents that are encoded in your energy fields)
  • Purging and Realignment of Energetic Fields and Bodies
  • Establishing the Tuning Fork of Your Destiny
  • Activating the Golden Rod of Power in Your Central Channel
  • Heart Infinity Expansion
  • Emotional Filter for the Solar Plexus
  • Emotional Filter for Lower Back
  • Emotional Filter for the Heart
  • Emotional Filter for the Brains and Minds
  • Emotional Filter for the Feet
  • Emotional Filter for the Ascension Seat at the Back of the Head
  • Activation of the Rings of Mastery (located above crown)
  • Activation of the Rings of Fire and Power (located below feet chakras)
  • Activation of the Heart Rings of Compassion
  • Activating the Christos Ascension Chakra
  • Omniverse Halo Activation


Opening Your Heart

“One can not reach mastery without first mastering the heart. The heart teaches us to love, to serve and to be full of compassion which opens the doors to illimitable possibilities of self, of servitude, of GOD. In these activations, you will receive spiritual dispensations that will free the limitations and restrictions your have placed on your heart so that new doors can open that will lead to your omnipotence at the throne of GOD.”  The Goddess and Cosmic Mother of All of Creation


Quan Yin

“(Laughter) I am Quan Yin. You focus too hard on your spirituality and your ascension process looking to receive all the activations you can get to get you closer and closer to your mastery. Ahhhhhh……..but you forget that mastery means many things and encompasses many things. This is what you have not learned or I would not be here now talking with you……right? (Laughter) Mastery is fun, not serious. It is about smelling the roses along the way. Many of you think you should take time to smell the roses only after you have reached mastery…… tsk… tsk…tsk…  Mastery is also about mastering child-like qualities and innocence, to enjoy life and have fun. Something this world does not know much of. That’s why I am here to serve and help you to remember this part of you, a part of you that you work hard to deny! Some of you refer to this part of you as your inner child and “yes” it is and then again “no” it is not. It is much more. It is the part of you that keeps you in balance…that expands you to knowledge and the wonders of this world. In innocence and purity so much more is opened to you….and that is mastery!” Quan Yin  

  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Fun
  • Frivolity
  • Innocence (child-like)
  • Care-Free
  • Peace
  • Serenity
  • Solitude
  • Attunement to All Things in Creation
  • Play
  • Contagious Joyfulness
  • Compassion
  • Compassion with Wisdom
  • Flow of Mastery
  • Attunement to the Natural Rhythms
  • Rolling with the Punches
  • Self Appreciation
  • Gratitude
  • Passion


Releasing Your Past

“The past holds memories that no longer serve our highest good and serve to limit the mastery of our lessons and growth. These activations are a spiritual dispensation to assist one in removing the shackles and limitations of the past so that a new future can be created by “conscious choice” and not by the past programming that had led to many trials and tribulations in your search for truth.”  The Goddess and Cosmic Mother of All of Creation


Self Love

“In order for another to love us the way we chose to be loved, we must first learn to love ourselves. In loving ourselves, we discover the way GOD loves us through his eyes and heart. Self-Love can be difficult to master due to the socialization and upbringing that most of you experience that tells you that you are not good enough unless you are thin, beautiful, successful and rich. All of these things are illusions designed to trap you in a world where you are more separated from GOD and his love. These activations will awaken the truth that you are GOD’s love no matter what you do or don’t do. They will serve to heal the wounds of your past and to raise you to the greatest heights of GOD’s love. In knowing and experiencing GOD’s love, you will be able to understand and love yourself, for you are a divine extension of GOD’s love created from his greatest love.”  Mother Mary, Sophia and Quan Yin 



“Sovereignty is a word, value, ideal that one chooses to have in ones life but, one is not quite sure what this truly means. Sovereignty is the freedom one feels to be a truly free being without the dictation or influences of another. To have the ability to pursue ones interests and abilities without the confinements of society. Sovereignty is about having true freedom over ones body, energetic spaces and ones being for the pursuit of light and truth. These activations will propel one into the realms of discovery to know what sovereignty truly is.”  The Goddess and Cosmic Mother of All of Creation



“A single blade of grass contains all the answers of the cosmos as does a single cell within your body. As above, so below as the ancient saying goes, but there is much truth in the simplest explanations of life and creation that apply to our everyday actions, thoughts and behaviors. In understanding these concepts comes an understanding of all there is for it is written and then copied throughout this universe and that is why a blade of grass contains all answers of the cosmos. These activations will allow you to view your world, your thoughts and your actions from macrocosm levels of existence that will give your world, your purpose and your life meaning that reaches far into the heavens, far from the confines of the illusions and prisons that make up the reality of this world. The truth will set you free.” The Tao Masters


Transcending the Ego

“Some feel that ego is both a blessing and a curse. Ego allows one to work through a series of lessons that lead to a higher evolution of truth. Without the ego, there would be no diversity for us to master. If we focus on our ego as our friend and not as our enemy, one will find that transcending the ego is much easier and pleasant. These activations will assist in this mastery in ease and grace and allow you to transcend greater heights of enlightenment where you soul will rise to meet GOD on the heavenly planes.”  The Goddess and Cosmic Mother of All of Creation


Transcending Fear

“You come into this world having to master karma, fear, density and in the process experience great diversity as you work to master duality. This is no small feat and we honor you and love you for the challenges you have chosen to master for the greater good of all. We are here for you to help you, to heal you and to guide you on this magnificent journey. We would like to gift you with activations that will assist you in transcending your fear, for when you transcend fear, you are immersed in the greatest love of GOD and the cosmos.” Lord Shiva, Lord Michael Christ and Mother Mary



“Welcome! Welcome! We are very old and wise and we will show you the long forgotten ways to be in this world, but not of this world. We are the Zen Masters and we will show you how to be in the moment and to bring peace and joy to all your daily actions and activities from love. Through silence, we become one with all of creation. Through silence, we become one with our soul. Through silence, we reclaim our connection to the Creator of all things. Through silence, we become wiser than the wise. No chore is mundane for all contributes to the whole. No being’s existence is mundane, for all contributes to the whole. We are here to teach you what you all ready knew, but forgot.” – We are the Zen Masters

  • Being in the Zen Moment
  • Clearing the Heart
  • Clearing the Throat to the Heart
  • Clearing the Mind in Preparation for the Soul
  • Connection to the Soul
  • Attuning to the Nature of All Things (the life force energy or chi or prana)
  • Cleansing the Organs
  • Cleansing the Energetic Systems of the Body
  • Cleansing of the Subconscious Mind
  • Purification of the Heart
  • Anchoring the Soul to the Body
  • Anchoring Universal Knowledge into Your Body
  • Purification of the Solar Plexus to Bypass Judgment of Knowledge Received
  • Anchoring the Universal Knowledge into the Earth
  • Spiritualization of the Brains and Minds
  • Activating the Golden Rod of Power (in the spine – a kundalini activation)
  • Transcendence of Linear Reality
  • Zen Nonattachment
  • Mindful Awareness
  • Heart Recalibration to the Buddhic Planes