All atoms and subatomic particles of a being or object are vibrating at a specific frequency. Every human
being likes joy and that’s not a coincident, joy is one of the highest vibrational frequencies there is.

Having joy in life is therefore very important, not only does it feel so great but it will also shift us to parallel
versions of reality where beauty, desires and abundance (not only financial) reside. There are infinite
versions of reality. If you can imagine it, there is a parallel reality like that imagination.dream
Billions of times in every second we shift through parallel realities. The fast shifting creates an illusion of
a continuous motion.

It’s like a film projector, the film is the inside reality (your state of being) and what is projected is the outside reality. Outside reality always follows inside reality, when you smile in the mirror it smiles back at you not the other way around.

Where most people go wrong with manifesting, is if they do not see a change in the outer reality, they give up. But the outer reality does not change immediately in most cases, so you have the option to change your internal reality if that’s not the reality you prefer.

This is not only a spiritual concept but pure physics, not confirmed yet by scientists.
Why not ? Well, the focus of most scientists is still only matter. Quantum physics has changed this a bit.
The information has come to me via my own intuition and other high vibrational sources and teachings.
Enlightened masters usually have the same teaching in common: follow your bliss/excitement/joy.
That’s not for nothing, but next I will teach you a more practical to way to follow this principle.



In every moment ask yourself the question: what’s the most joyful thing of which I have the ability to act on in this moment ?

When you get more than one thing to act on, feel what option is the most joyful. Act on the one that feels most joyful as much as you can, until you can go no further or when it doesn’t excite you anymore. The feeling you have is a direct communication from your higher self.

You have a physical mind (ego) which takes care of the perception of what is happening via your five senses, your higher mind (higher self) knows what is going to happen.
Don’t insist on a specific outcome, act on your joy without any expectation. All joy is in line with all joyful experiences, the outcome may be much greater experiences of joy than your physical mind can even imagine.

So instead of figuring it all out with the physical mind, let your higher self guide you via your joy feelings and act on it without expectations. Joy is the state of your higher self, the highest vibrational version of yourself.
Now you know why figuring things out and too much thinking can feel so heavy: because the physical mind is not really capable to do the work of the higher mind/self. Be a complete person, the higher self is a part of you and is not separate of you. Life will be joyful, abundant and peaceful this way.