Let's create a life full of Bliss

Healer, Lifecoach and Law of Attraction Expert

  • Healing

    Shift your vibrational frequency to heal any physical, mental or emotional issue you have with the help of my healing sessions. Healing occurs when the vibrational frequencies that I offer are matched. This is the energetic physics behind successful Healing.

  • Activations

    Activate different abilities with the help of my activation sessions.
    These activations are channeled directly from source.
    All activations are always send to your higher self for perfect integration, with ease and grace.

  • Coaching

    I offer coaching sessions via Skype and via e-mail. Realise your full potential and live a life full of bliss.
    I will guide you. Doesn't matter in which stage you are in your life, I will always see the natural shiny you and get you to your full potential.


Hi, my name is Nick. I learned all kind of healing modalities, like different forms of Reiki. All these healing modalities and energy attunements helped me open up my energetic channels. That lead me to channel healing energies myself. All energies are channeled via my own higher self, but are not limited to my higher self. I can channel any type of energy that is available in the omniverse. Most of my sessions are also perfect for animals. Besides these healing...

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Client Testimonial
Shawnita White

I feel pure love from your energy. Not everyone can give it at this capacity like this. You have beautiful energy. Thanks for love and I appreciate your help. What an amazing...

Wendy Luk

I am so grateful to have known you. I love the Activations. Every time I use them I can feel the...

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