Client Testimonials
  • Shawnita White

    I feel pure love from your energy. Not everyone can give it at this capacity like this. You have beautiful energy. Thanks for love and I appreciate your help. What an amazing experience!
  • Wendy Luk

    I am so grateful to have known you. I love the Activations. Every time I use them I can feel the release.
  • Lucy H.

    I was feeling very positive today and it feels like my chest is more open and lighter too, as if some heavy weight was lifted. Some of my fears seem to be more faded too! Can't wait to see how I'll feel after the "Align with source" session!
  • Marco Simone

    Works like a charm, incredible!!! Feels really good, something really changed for the better, more insight, more clarity. Thanks a bunch!!!
  • Makeida Ezekiel

    Wow! I had a feeling something was going as I felt balanced and had a calm, worry free nature. It was quite liberating. Thank you so much for this wonderful healing!! Highly recommended!!
  • Sarah

    Very wonderful healing. I recommend Nick's services to those wishing to unearth greater aspects of themselves. A very thorough and skilled practitioner. The essence of the healing was very calming and nourishing. I am also pleased that Nick offers general clearing/healing/balancing energies in conjunction with every session - this elevated my energy and overall experience. Thank-you!
  • Stephanie

    I don’t know how you did it, but excellent work, Sir! ;) Wow! I contacted Nick regarding Light Body Activation work, and I was astonished that within hours, I suddenly had extra energy and didn't feel exhausted - I wasn't expecting that! This was such a shocking surprise because I never mentioned it in my correspondence with Nick, but I have been experiencing debilitating fatigue. My poor daughter has been late so often this school year that her school threatened to prosecute me. (She wasn't late even once last year). Previously, I had been sleeping through my alarm because I felt like I got no rest -even after 12 hours of sleep. I even wrecked my car last week because my mind was so foggy from exhaustion. I woke up the first morning after Nick’s session feeling rested and alert. I am baffled and impressed. Amazing work, Nick, thank you! Thanks for the offer for a healing session - any healing energies you can send my way would be happily received! :)
  • Amanda Butcher

    Hi Nick, Thank you so much for the healing, it has already worked! I noticed during the afternoon that my stomach pain had gone and I was feeling alot more optimistic and relaxed. All of my worries seem to have just melted away!
  • Magalie Sorin

    Hello Nick, I am so happy about your healing work, how better I feel that don’t see any reason to stop receiving more healing.
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